✓ I Chose Dauntless (Eric Divergent Fanfiction) #Wattys2015

✓ I Chose Dauntless (Eric Divergent Fanfiction) #Wattys2015

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The 100 has me rekt By ladycielphantomhive Completed

Gabriela never belonged in Erudite. She preferred physical to mental. She didn't want to be weak. So the obvious choice is Dauntless. Little does she know that she'll have to deal with the heartless Eric.

I'm in love! Will there be smush? Hokey pokey? Smutty lemons? ;P -Sinsarahty

In an Australian accent "now as you can see we have a wild embarrassed Eric very rare and in the distance you can hear a whale mating call" -DJKawiiSkittlez

Mother trucker better not have killed my sexy man! -Sinsarahty

vixen-valy vixen-valy Mar 20
really happy with this chapter and the relationship between characters. You manage to stay true to the original story whilst adding your character's unique POV on top of it... I like it!
"Tobias, you're going to choose Abnegation just like I told you to"
"What's your name?"
                              "Well, Christina. The first lesson you learn from me; if you wanna survive here, then keep your mouth shut. Do you understand me?"
Haha that Mcdonald's interview failed but now I'm working at Mcdonald's. Weird
demon_queen_22 demon_queen_22 Jun 02, 2016
I am in love with your book. It's the best Eric fanfic I've ever read.
rawr-child rawr-child Jul 22, 2016
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