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Ah'Tasha Hardwick

"Yo ass ain't ever at home." Max said as I came down the stairs of Tania house.

"Bitch suck my dick." I said flipping him off.

"Dirty ass mouth of yours." He said shaking his head.

"Are you done?" I asked picking up the blunt from the ashtray lighting it.

"Don't you got school today?"

"That's where I'm finna go now." I said checking the time seeing is was 6:45.

"Why you here so early anyways?"

"I spent the night."

I was about to respond but my phone dinged making me turn my attention towards it.

Kaysen💙: come slide.

I got school today😒

Kaysen💙: you finally goin' for once 

It depends on what you want, money come before anything🤷🏽‍♀️

Kaysen💙: nah go learn some, this can wait.


I locked my phone and looked outside seeing my grandpa pulling up.

"Aye I'm outta, imma hit ya' jack later playa." I said slapping hands with him before spraying perfume on myself and grabbing my bookbag.

"Aight be good out there." He responded.

I left out locking the...