Stalked By The Darkness.

Stalked By The Darkness.

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Suma Pallapothu By sumii21 Updated 7 days ago

"Everyone Dies."

"Everyone who messes with my girl dies faster."

"I will make it slow and painful so you better be careful."

"At the end I will go back into the darkness and gaze at my beautiful girl, my future, my wife and my everything."


Be warned they may be violence.

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Oh that's a nice name, young boy. But I'd rather call you Phillip 😉
Damn. He’s getting girls at 7 and I’m getting nothing😭
I feel so good after reading this, cos I also use to pronaunce r as w
These kids meeting their soulmates at 7, when I was 7 I was making sandcastles and getting ice cream all over my face and hair
Hmmm rly pique reader's interest since the beginning of the chapter, I smell a Good story here 👍
Get 👏 yourself 😍 a 👻 man 😘 who💝 kisses 👅 the 🙈sh*t 😫you😻 stepped 👊 on 💅