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Can you justify ending ones life with the thought of lessening evil? What is the difference between execution and murder in the eyes of an Assassin? A law enforcer?

Athena is a hired Assassin. She is only known to the dark world as Nemesis. She executes based on justice and money.

Jacob is a patriotic investigator heading an anti-organized crime unit. He promised to bring down murder rate and imprison the bad entities of the society- killers, drug syndicate, etc.

A cat and mouse chase of two highly skilled man and woman on both sides of the law. Both eager to bring down the other and put justice where it should be. Both willing to give each other's life for their cause. Black and white.

What if they meet in a neutral ground unknowing about each other's true secrets. Both their enigmatic and mysterious persona tickle their cynical hearts. A chance at love or a chance at justice. Which will it be?

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