Betrayed And Hurt

Betrayed And Hurt

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Jaslyn Brooks and Michelle Welshman met each other when they were 16 on the first day of school and became the best of friends.

When both jocks Michael Tyler and Calvin Fitzgerald met Jaslyn, Michael lusted for her while Calvin fall hard for her but never told. Soon, Michael's lust turn into love and he decided to ask her out. After much persuation, Jaslyn accepted to be his girlfriend. And because of their relationship, Jaslyn turned from a nobody into somebody.

Calvin, not wanting to spoil their relationship, soon gotten himself into a relationship with Michelle. But soon, they broke up because Michelle know that he got a thing for Jaslyn.

One year down the road, Michelle got of everything Jaslyn has. Especially the fact that she is able to make two guys fall for her. Then Michelle decided to ruin and destroy Jaslyn's reputation. 

But... The question is: WILL SHE SUCEED?

Read on to find out!

  • betrayal
  • cheerleader
  • enemies
  • friends
  • hatred
  • hurt
  • jealous
  • jock
  • love
  • player
  • regret

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