Living With Chase.

Living With Chase.

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Living with Chase I had the pleasure of dying every day.  I know many girls would love to be in my position, and I would love to give it up. Living with Chase wasn’t exactly something I had in mind. 

I'm at boarding school, with my twin brother and his annoying (hot) best friend, Chase. As if that's not bad enough, I'm rooming with them both. Begging for a dorm change got me nowhere; I was stuck with these two for the whole semester.

I knew, Asher (my brother), agreed with mum about not letting me have a dorm change. He thinks he can keep a better eye on me or something. Asher was the typical brother: protective.

So, unfortunately for me, I'm stuck in a dorm with my brother and his best friend. The annoying, self-centred, jerk.

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ashnox ashnox Jun 12, 2017
I live under the same roof as my brother and I barely speak to him let alone look at him lol
allieharrie allieharrie Aug 25, 2016
Would "we're new and didn't know where to go" not have worked?!
The ratio of views to votes on this book isn't very good. 1M:13.3K not good, not good at all.
_The_Dark_Side _The_Dark_Side Apr 05, 2016
nooooo, I love green! I'm just hoping it's not an ugly green XD
valloveslance valloveslance Dec 21, 2014
Oh please I haven't seen my brother and my sister 3 years ago cus I'm living in a another country with my parents like BRUH
izzy_styles1999 izzy_styles1999 Mar 17, 2013
I think this is the only book where I actually read the epilogue... And the hole series. I usually get bored with books if their too long, but this one is by far one of my favourites, and kept me on my toes the hole time. CHARLEY FOREVER<3333333