Intimate Refraction [Ouran Host Club Kyoya]

Intimate Refraction [Ouran Host Club Kyoya]

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Akari Sakahashi goes by Crystal to those she is close with... which is essentially no one. The young heiress transferred into Ouran during middle school from St.Marie's Academy and has been there for three years, despite that she hasn't really made one close friend just many acquaintances. 

The seventeen year old doesn't particularly mind, she has other things to be concerned with, but fate seems to have other ideas. With the simple choice of deciding to go right instead of left a domino effect occurs causing Crystal to get swept up into new friendships. 

Of course obstacles appear, favors are asked, and our young protagonist gets wrapped up in drama as if her life was written by some amateur writer who enjoys tv way too much. Despite all this she is determined to make it out alive, and for once, happy.

Anime episodes will not be included, instead I've taken some creative liberty and began the story after Honey and Mori graduate. There will be some references to the manga just as an FYI so if anything is unclear feel free to comment and ask or there's always google!

Aspects have been pulled from the original story, 'The cupcake girl', but it's not copy and pasted. I've only pulled some of the ideas I had in that one