Sadistic Pleasure(Exo's KaiSoo Fanfiction)[Slow UD][BoyXBoy]

Sadistic Pleasure(Exo's KaiSoo Fanfiction)[Slow UD][BoyXBoy]

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Anjel By Anchelee Updated Nov 24, 2017

On the first day of school, Do Kyung Soo was saved by a handsome  young man while he was being molested in a train ...

Captivated by his savior,  Kyungsoo was eager to find him in order to express his gratitude. 

But when he found his savior, it seems like everything he thought about him was wrong.

Moreover, what awaits him is not a dreamy prince charming but a sadistic and devilish prince who turns out to be unexpectedly younger than him!

What will Kyungsoo do now ?

Reminder: This is a Kpop fanfiction and may contain mature contents.
Caution to viewers: Do not read if you're not in to Boy's Love and Man to Man shippings ...
Can also be read by non-kpop fans who likes BoyXBoy

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Riceeexc Riceeexc Nov 08, 2017
Well now you know! Congratulations for being groped even though it’s usually females!!! Have some milk 🥛
baozibaby_ baozibaby_ Dec 30, 2017
I was about to say something
                              But then i looked at myself in a mirror
I imagined him making scooter stunts. I need to stop watching detective Conan
kpopaddict3789 kpopaddict3789 Nov 26, 2017
Uh huh... sure Kyungsoo sure just keep telling yourself that
Yep. Also subways are horrible!! I've been on some(traveling to New York sometimes) and I got to sit next to a hobo that smelled like piss. Like hardcore piss. Gross.
Guardian_Deer Guardian_Deer Jun 27, 2014
Hey! Author why update so late?? XDD hahhahahahha! I'm waitinggg! Waaaaaahh!! Where is he now?? Waaah!!