This Diary I Found

This Diary I Found

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(2) not (entirely) a kerouac reference By NeverYawn Completed

❝ I wanted to find the diary writer so bad,
not knowing all this time that she'd been by my side.
God, how stupid can I be? ❞

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Westmont High's infamous man whore, Trevor Jettison, just got slapped with karma's wake up call.  After swiping away V-cards and breaking hearts, the legendary 'devirginator' encountered something that made his life turn upside down: a diary.
However it wasn't just any diary.  It was the diary of one of his former bedmates; and what's the catch?  He's already forgotten who she is. But getting hooked by the writer's wit and charms, Trevor sets out for an epic quest to figure out who the owner is.  
Along the way, he bumps into past lovers, rollerblading imps, juvenile parolees, his best friend and his best friend's sister. So, who is this mystery writer? Care to guess?

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I absolutely adore your summary! This sounds like a classic teen fiction novel :D
You sound like my mom every time my brother does something stupid.
This book seems to be an adult book. Should I read it or not? :-/  But, I guess it belongs to the humour genre so I can read it. Hehehe! 😅
Can't wait for this! I can sence it! This'll be a good story for sure!
omg this is kol from the vampire diaries he is so fine like hot damn can't wait to read the rest of this book
Bushylee Bushylee Mar 07
This will be a good story can't wait but when is it coming out