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Emma By Emmy_Grace Updated Nov 04, 2012

“I'm so sorry, Mrs Abram. I wish it didn’t have to be like this,” Ruta soothed my mother. 

“I think you should go, Ruta, my husband will be home soon, and we will go and talk to Kareena. Do you think that I could borrow your notepad?”

I quickly ran to my room, I didn’t want Ruta to know that I heard everything. I locked my door, hoping that my mum would not come to see if I was there. I needed to get out of here. There was only one person I could trust right now, and I needed him.

Kareena Abrams is three things: 1. Popular. 2. A great cheerleader. 3. One of the prettiest girls at school. All the girls want to be like her, and all the boys want to be with her. But that all changes after one of the most life changing things happens to her. Kareena is faced with a life and death situation, falling in love with someone she knows she cannot be with and problems with all her ‘ex’ friends from school. Kareena’s life goes from boringly dull and normal to fast, exciting, and dangerous very quickly, and it’s lucky that she can keep up at all.

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