My Good Cadet~

My Good Cadet~

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A.S.H. By Leah-chan122 Updated Jul 17, 2017

She was everything he needed. Everything he wanted. Her lips,her hair,her eyes. Every inch of her was perfection to him and nobody will have her except for him. 

He would not allow anyone to touch her. To Defile her. 
A rare,precious diamond that filled his starving lust was what you were to him and Nothing will stand in his way to stop him. 

He will make you his regardless whether or not you agree to have your entire freedom taken away from you. 

A Yandere!Levi X Reader oneshot series! 

Enjoy your ride with the sadistically, sexy Yandere  Heichou ~ 


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NekoPie64 NekoPie64 Jan 27
I know that this is wrong but I can't help to think that its kinda cute...
neah_boo neah_boo Oct 10, 2016
You wanna know something funny? HE'S A BOYFRIEND OF HIS OWN SISTER WTH
hillbillykelp2161 hillbillykelp2161 Sep 16, 2016
With so many of the words capitalized, I can't help but read everything so formally. It doesn't help I am imagining a man at podium orating this in my head. It make me laugh.
Jazzyme209 Jazzyme209 Sep 30, 2016
Quick notice (If you guys wanna here a audio of this just search :Yandere Levi on YouTube and you'll hear )
jeagerprobs jeagerprobs Sep 21, 2016
Eren: *last words* y/n, d-don't cry...c-craft...
                              Eren *dies*
Leah-chan122 Leah-chan122 Apr 11, 2015
@CoolbeansChinchilla thank you so muchh!!! glad u enjoyed it!