The Sk8er Chic

The Sk8er Chic

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Sara By OhMyxo Completed

Isabella and Ethan haven't seen each other in four years. 

Over the course of four years, things can change. Barely does it ever stay the same. That especially goes for Isabella.  

Isabella White is your typical girl. She likes shopping. She likes makeup. She likes jewelry. She likes cute clothes. She stays away from the skateboarders in the school and hangs around girls like her.  

Ethan Knight is your skater boy. He rides his board everywhere. He wears his jeans and T-Shirts, beanies when it's needed. Isabella White used to be his best friend.  

When Ethan comes back after four years, he doesn't recognize the person everyone calls Isabella "Bella" White. It's obviously not the skater girl he left behind. Ethan's not sure whether or not he likes the change, but he knows he likes the girl that used to ride past his house in Vans sneakers on a board.  

It's crazy how much can change with time. The question is... is it too much?

[ 2018 ]

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