Untold Love (Mermaid! Lance X Avian! Keith)

Untold Love (Mermaid! Lance X Avian! Keith)

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saphiretheshipper By saphiretheshipper Updated Dec 28, 2018

Boy x Boy will be in this story, probably some blood and some language.
I do not own Voltron or any of the characters unless I say they are an OC I made up. Voltron belongs to DreamWorks and this is a work of my imagination.
all right reserved and without any further adue, enjoy the story

Lance McClain is a Merman and the Prince of Mermainia. Lance's sister, Princess Allura, will soon be Queen Allura after she finds a mate.
Lance is happy for his older sister but still wants to play a part in protecting the kingdom.
He trained all his life to be the strongest Merman in the royal guards with his Friends Hunk and Pidge at his side always ready to help.

Lance has a special power but he calls it a special connection to the ocean. He can control waves and how strong a current is. Lance uses this power to take down Pirate ships and kill all on broad the ship. Lance will kill one with a dagger he always has on hand then leave the rest for the sharks. Lance does this for his people's protection.

Keith Kogane is an Avian that lives among the clouds with his brother Shiro. The two are fighter for all living creatures. They fight for people, pirates, animals, hybrids, and even the Merfolk they don't know about. Keith is the second best fighter in his tribe his brother being the first. Keith also happens to have a special power witch he calls a connection to the sky. He can control the winds with this ability and he only uses it for good and the protection of other. 
Keith would do anything if it meant the protection of the ones he cares for.

Okay I just want to say the art in this story does not belong to be and I'm not sure who it belongs to, I just find them on Google.
I hope you enjoy the story and with that I'll see you soon
Bye bye ♡

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