Trust Me

Trust Me

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Analynne Ashford By FinallyInfinite Completed

All Ash Mara wants is to get her new Camaro, and her job as an undercover actress is exactly how she's going to get it. People will pay almost anything to have someone they love brought to them, whether it be for a drug intervention, surprise party, or even just a prank. It doesn't matter to the business Ash works for, as long as they get paid and don't have to do anything illegal. 

When two teens around Ash's age come in and offer to pay her 700 dollars to track down a senior named Aidan Fosco, Ash can't say no. Despite the warnings from her friends Persephone and Brady, Ash takes the job and does whatever it takes to lure in Aidan and get her pay. 

Luring in a guy with trust issues isn't always the easiest thing, but as soon as Ash figures out what he's hiding, everything seems to come crashing down around her. When did this become worth 700 dollars? She wouldn't even have done this if someone had offered her five brand new Camaros. 

Too bad it's too late. The damage is done. Her life is on the line. And though Aidan has become the very thing she hates, she has to depend on him to keep her safe.

  • actress
  • aidan
  • camaro
  • damage
  • danger
  • death
  • decieve
  • fantasy
  • farbeyondthegrave
  • forbidden
  • fosco
  • mara
  • persephone
  • romance
  • safety
  • supernatural
  • trust
  • undercover
Hunger_Games_Lover Hunger_Games_Lover Jun 08, 2012
Amazing Chapter Forever! You're writing is flawless - I don't see any mistakes (: - and you are very talented. This is a very interesting idea for a story and I really love it so far!
Jinx01 Jinx01 Jun 05, 2012
I liked where the start of this book. It seems like it's heading in a long, fun journey. Good luck on finishing it. :)
FinallyInfinite FinallyInfinite Jun 04, 2012
@TheWildOne you know, originally the boy had it written down that Aidan works at Chili's.  But then I liked the idea that this would be unexpected better. So I'm glad I surprised you :D