Down The Train Tracks *Jason McCann*

Down The Train Tracks *Jason McCann*

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What would you do if the one you loved more than life itself, was the one who made you want to end everything? What if they were the person who put all your past pain at ease, but caused you a great amount of new found pain? 

Twisted fairytale about a high school-er, Melody, and a wanted bomber, Jason, whose lives come together when Jason takes Melody against her will, and holds her captive. Although off to a rocky start, the two find  each other a perfect match as they both help one another overcome their own tearful past, unpleasant present, and hope to spend the future in each other's arms. 
But, along the way, secrets are unravelled and there are a lot of obstacles they have to overcome, as they find that their love has to be kept a secret, and not spoken a word of. Because the very fact that they are in love and want to be together for the rest of their lives, is the exact thing that could lead to either both of their deaths, or a very cruel existence.

What would you do if the meeting of your soul-mate changed your life, for better or for worse?

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