My Dominant Teacher

My Dominant Teacher

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Everyone has their dark secrets.

"Can you keep my secret?"

Macon Valimera is a scholar student with a dark secret she keeps from her friends and even family will be discovered by, none other than her English professor, Bryant David.

But can Macon handle well her professor's secret? Dominant Teacher with a serious fetish for BDSM.

  • fiction
  • pg-13
  • relationship
  • student-teacher-relationship
  • studentxteacher
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I was blushing so much while reading this and doing an awkward laugh and my family looked at me and said " You look like a tomato, what are you reading?" XD
I would at least say please and try to play off the "im-sorry-im-filled-with-hormones-forgive-my-erratic-behavior-your-hotness"
I'm imaginating my old ass math teacher and I want to pour bleach in my eyes
if that was me,  that teacher would hate me. Im both a sadist and a masochist, but most of the times i want control. If he blackmailed me i would use something worse against him. I would most definitely fight back.
These are emails not texts or are they trying to mock them, etc
Ewwwww gag blakh go away why still watching I would rather dieeee