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The Lost Voice: A Destiel/Sabriel Story

The Lost Voice: A Destiel/Sabriel Story

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. By that_spn_life Updated Sep 01, 2014

Sam Winchester doesn't talk much to anyone after the death of his parents. But when he moves to a new school with his brother, Dean, he will meet a determined boy named Gabriel Novak who will try to get him to talk more. But, their relationship isn't the only one going on in this fan-fic. Dean meets an awkward kid named Castiel, and when they become partners on a school project, they find out that they get along pretty well. They become bestfriends and when one of them gets feelings, things get complicated. MORE DESTIEL THAN SABRIEL! :)

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I imagine Michel as a buff jock and he's dirty blond, and has blue eyes. Am I the only one? 
                              Cause most people imagine him as Adam
*screaming and sirens*
                              THE 4TH WALL IS DOWN
                              I REPEAT
                              THE 4TH WALL IS DOWN
                              SOMEONE GET GABE AND DEADPOOL TO HELP FIX IT
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FeelzMaster FeelzMaster Jun 08
All this talk about a fourth wall but, to be honest, I have no f*cking clue what a 'fourth wall' is sooooo............
FeelzMaster FeelzMaster Jun 08
Sam: *bitch face activated* 
                              Gabe: If we're friends, I'll be sure to do all the talking!
                              Sam: *gives no duh face*
                              Gabe: Hey I'm trying here!