Tonight and Always

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Kody Setser By 5797who Updated 3 years ago
When a couple fights for their lives relizes there not in Kansas any more how far will they go to save the world how far will they go to stay together
    A special thank you to my illustrator Make_Me_Forget A.K.A Emma Springle
I was a bit confused when I first read this, and I had to re-read it. The only constructive criticism that I can give you is to add a bit more detail. :)  I can't wait to read more though! :3
It's really fast! I wish that you would have thrown some more detail into it and make it longer! Its a great plot and you could have done to much with it! I do like your descriptions! For the amount that is there, it is really great!
Well the ending was interesting, though this contains some confusing parts, needs editing, and it's a bit fast paved :/
i like the how it's fast-paced and you put an interesting spin on zombie stories! I like how you started it off with someone like Bon Jovi, very original!
Great first chapter! I actually like the length because it makes the reader want more. wonderful job:D
Great start, as other's have said it's a little short but keep them wanting more ;). Tbh i don't usually read books in this genre but yours was well written so good job! x