Loyalty, Determination, and Knowledge (On Indefinite Hiatus)

Loyalty, Determination, and Knowledge (On Indefinite Hiatus)

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Cassi By Casbearrulez Updated Feb 10, 2013

Loyalty is her life
She always remembers those who are kind
She’d defend them to her last breath
A code, engraved deep in her mind

Determination, she has much
It flows throughout her soul
It keeps her moving on
To reach her every goal

Knowledge is not her forte
She has little in some cases
Yet, she’s wiser than most
She can win any knowledge races

All three things combined
Make up her fragile personality
She’d fall apart if she didn’t have them all
They hold together her reality

But there is one new thing
An emotion named love
It came to her long ago
Before she knew angels up above

This thing, it entrances her
It holds her back
It signed her own name
On a silent contract

Words are words until the end
They mean the most to the smart
She knows she needs him dearly
Neither can live while they’re apart

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teamvolturi teamvolturi Jun 16, 2012
I just started reading this and let me say, its AMAZING. Very detailed and well written; I love how we learn about her human life knowing Alec then her search for him in her vampire life. just one question, how old is she if shes an immortal child? 12-13?
Casbearrulez Casbearrulez Jun 06, 2012
@KyAnimeFangirl ur welcome. I hoped ud like it. I miss math class too. :'(
KylieAnn26 KylieAnn26 Jun 05, 2012
OMJEEZ! this is delayed but tank youse for the dedication! I miss previewing your stories in math class :'( lol Its awesome!