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More Than Enough: A Plus Size Thug Loven(Editing)

More Than Enough: A Plus Size Thug Loven(Editing)

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Chico ✨ By QueenChico Updated Sep 04, 2015





"Niquenique get up!" I heard my dad yell from down stairs. 

Rolling out of bed, I made my way to the bathroom, to do my hygiene. Looking in the mirror, I looked throwed. My hair was everywhere and I had crust in my eyes.

I'm Dominique Walker who's 17. I'm a lil thicker then most girls y'all could call thick. I got to much pride, in my stride to let a nigga/bitch put me down. I'm curvy, with a lil bit too much hips. My stomach not really flat, but it ain't fat either. I'm mixed with black And Indian with a size d-cup. Big? Yea I know. My usually bright hazel eyes, were dull.

I stripped and turned on the water, waiting for the right temperature then stepped in. I scrubbed my face then my body. 

Stepping out, I brushed my teeth then made my way to my closet and got my lace black bra set and put it on. I looked through my clothes racket, to find some to wear. There was only five more months of school left, and I'm glad. A nigga ready to leave.

I pulled out my pea...

Coley_you_knows_it Coley_you_knows_it Jun 07, 2016
Shidddd I got a letter from the school cause I be missing too many days and I go to detention almost everyday for being late but a night still be on honor roll
Omg! I thought I was the only one. My mom has been making me do this since 5th grade 😂
derreanbootytom derreanbootytom Dec 31, 2016
Shidd Keisha too😂😂 no offense to anyone name Keisha😁👌🏾
bruhhhBruhhhhBRUHHH bruhhhBruhhhhBRUHHH Dec 24, 2015
That my third middle name alexandria shekinah sky Dominique johnson
johnay_love johnay_love Jun 08, 2015
omg  dead n ppl looking at me like im crazy laughing out loud n shiii
Missindependnt16 Missindependnt16 Apr 18, 2015
my man aint shyt y u want leave him then cuz bitch mouth to bomb lolx