Transmigrated into the body of the World's Cutest Bunny

Transmigrated into the body of the World's Cutest Bunny

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Irene By irene_ee987 Updated May 07

[BL] Xiu Yunzhu has been hospitalized for his entire life. The moment he was born, the doctors diagnosed him as having an incredibly rare disease they named the UnKnown. 

He was probably the only one throughout history to have such a condition. There were many case studies of him in textbooks, online forums, manuals, etc. 

Everyday he lived in the hospital being prodded by needles and consumed strange medicines. They didn't know what caused his disease. They only knew, everyday for 12 hours there would be red marks appearing on his body as the boy screamed in agony at the painful feeling. 

Although the disease could not contaminate others, people still kept their distance in fear of contracting the disease. After all, people tend to fear unknown and unfamiliar things. The only exception was him, but he...was gone. He abandoned me... 

Xiu Yunzhu laid on the bed as he contemplated his life. 'Wouldn't it be better to just die? It would save everyone the trouble.' He smiled bitterly. 'I wish I was born healthy. I want to be like a normal person. I want to be free.' 

Thus, God who pitied the boy, smiled as he waved his hand and the boy suddenly lost consciousness and instead...was transmigrated INTO THE BODY OF A BUNNY? 
Ahahahahaaa, join Xiu Yunzhu as he lives his exciting days as the world's most adorable bunny!
Disclaimer: Photos do not belong to me! (Got it from the internet)
P.S. This was inspired by Reborn as a Hamster for 233 days~

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irene_ee987 irene_ee987 2 days ago
Idk either. I just made up a random number that looks big lolol
misa-chu misa-chu Apr 19
Bunny hwaiting! You have the power of cuteness and transmigration on your side! XDD
alwaysamess alwaysamess May 01
that bunny on the cover is sooo cute😍😍
                              that's all
Its bl so we will see a male seme bunny ?? 
                              Duh, anyway nice start. to the library till the further notice
julypaw123 julypaw123 Apr 17
Is the dude that abandon him going to be brought up again or like appear?
Yep, all you gotta do is act like a cute obedient bunny and eat skme delicious carrots~! Yum!