The Therapist.

The Therapist.

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"You're a what?" Devin's full pink lips frowned as she eyed the man that only stood 3 feet away from her.                                                              

"A sex therapist. Now please fix your expression, Miss Rodriguez." His creamy baritone responded agitatedly as she shook her head from side to side.                                                                                

"I need therapy, sir. Not any f*cking d*ck." She growled, attempting to make a full exit out of the office, but not before she felt his large strong hands cup her small tiny wrists.                                                                                                          

He spun her around gracefully, his head dropping down the space between their heads as his husky YSL cologne overtook her nostrils.                                                                                                    

"On the contrary, C'est une belle." He muttered against her skin, the language of love rolling of his tongue as he smirked. She almost practically collapsed in his arms and he knew that he had her.                                                                                 

"Maybe a much needed orgasm could be the solution to all your problems."                                                                                                                             

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IvorNigel IvorNigel Nov 24
Nic intro...... Mi too hv intro 
                              WARNING am horny and sexually active.
I hate when people say that to me. Like just because I'm opinionated and speak the truth when needed I'm rude. If you don't like what I have to say then bye boo.
Sexymama14 Sexymama14 Nov 26
Wow .... I have no words that's harsh asf but she said he is her pride and joy
5hCrybaby 5hCrybaby Oct 21
I'm going to picture her a dark chocolate color and not Zoe because she is more Mexican than black just my opinion don't fight me on this😂
QuarterToSix QuarterToSix 5 days ago
Does she realize that rimming the top of a champagne glass means "f*ck me"? Cuz I think she's feeling the opposite of that right now
Bih Wet And Sloppy Will Work On Your How Can I Put It In Orange Is The New Black Terms POUSSEY 😂 Done