La Donna e Il Dottore

La Donna e Il Dottore

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Isabella Swan is the only daughter of Charlie Swan, the leader of the Swan Mafia Family. While out with her father, they are attacked by a rival family, The Wolf Pack and her father was critically injured. The family doctor was unavailable, and Bella is scrambling for a replacement. She called the person she'd least expect to help her.

Dr. Edward Cullen is working as an emergency room physician when he got a phone call from the girl he'd secretly loved all throughout college, but she kept him in the friend-zone, save for one drunken night. After that, she disappeared, and he hadn't heard from her. Until this fateful night ... And he found her much changed, hardened, scarred and angry. 

Charlie Swan's life hangs in the balance, and the only person who can save him is Bella's former friend and one-time lover. Will Edward be able to save Charlie and stay away from the girl, who is now a woman and far more beautiful, despite the scarred and hardened exterior?

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