After Annulment.

After Annulment.

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This is just another clichèd story nevertheless somehow true.


When I was a kid I am all eyes and ears when it comes to watching Disney's fairytales.

Well who didn't right? All little girls did.

We believed that magics, fairies, prince charmings and happily ever afters were true. We wished upon a star for our own happily ever after. Don't dare deny it.

We hoped that maybe.. just maybe.. 'The One' would come and swept us off our feet. We believed in "Sparks". The fast and slow beating of the heart. The rainbows and butterflies in the tummy. All the glittery side of romance.

As we grow older the movies fed us more with fantasy that True Love do exist.

Fifty First Dates

A Walk To Remember

The Notebook

Love, Rosie

Letters To Juliet

Dear John


The Vow


Romeo and Juliet

Chasing Liberty

and the list never ends..

How we wept for those movies. How we imagined that we we're the heroines.

For how many times we suck up all the melodramas of the best ...

MyRestrictedArea MyRestrictedArea 2 days ago
Teka,  ako lang ba ang hindi na Orient sa pag pronounced ng pangalan nila?  Ang hirap bes...  Bakit?
tamsieiram tamsieiram May 19, 2016
I can relate to you wenxy 
                              I know how it feels to love deeply but not reciprocated
impatienspetal impatienspetal Mar 18, 2016
So nice!! Hope this story receives the recognition it truly deserves❤️
blackniger0822 blackniger0822 Jan 09, 2016
Wenxy u should know by now love is not selfish look Kung San ka dinala nito