Accidental Counterattacks of A Young Miss

Accidental Counterattacks of A Young Miss

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TigerAkemi1 By TigerAkemi1 Updated May 19, 2018


She is a Young Miss that has been given a new life to live... and maybe love...

I can accept transmigrating,
I can accept a System,
I can even accept my roles,

But what I can't accept are those Accidental Counterattacks, it's another thing entirely, if I'm the one initiating it but I can't accept ones without my own personal touch to it!

-Lady from some big household, I did not cause your scandal to escalate, so don't blame me for your problem!?

-Sir from somewhere, I did not get those women in your harem to leave you, seriously I'm not jealous at all, so leave me alone already!?

-Mister that keeps appearing, I did not ask you to fall in love with me, if I knew helping you in those worlds would cause this, I would have just saved myself from the trouble later on...


A host that gets to live leisurely gets caught up in random Counterattacks that may or may not have been caused by her...

Something like that....


Shout out to @harui30 for M-named female protagonist idea...

This is my own original story... that I'm trying out... for the [#] time... EVER...

So there will probably be LOTS of mistakes...

This story will probably reference or sound similar to a lot of those System/Transmigrating/Asian Novel stuff...

You have been warned...


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