Dear Genevieve

Dear Genevieve

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Allie By curiass Updated Nov 05, 2018

There's a saying Katherine heard a lot growing up. She doesn't remember the exact wording, but it went along the lines of how telling it is about how someone deals with loss. Losing with dignity...never mind, it was a sports thing. But part of that had to be true, right? How does she react to losing it all?

For a while, there was a painful, gaping void in her chest. She didn't know how to function without Dean. She knew she did it just fine before him, but after Dean? She couldn't even conceptualize it. But she learned, eventually, that it wouldn't go away. It just went numb, masked beneath sleep, back-to-back hunts, and bar hopping. 

Even after his return, Katherine couldn't quite find the tools to fill that void. She knew how to cover it up, though. Plaster a smile on her face, try a few jokes. She tried to get back to the girl everyone seemed to love so much, but she hated that girl--because no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't find her.

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DesWes323 DesWes323 Apr 17, 2018
OMFG!!! I was not expecting this so soon...... But where’s the baby???
Marve1SpnV1dTrash Marve1SpnV1dTrash Aug 28, 2018
Omg what if that was Charlie!! I forgot if the girls name was mentioned but if it wasnttt lololol