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Above and Beyond: A One Direction Story

Above and Beyond: A One Direction Story

9K Reads 178 Votes 30 Part Story
Imagine_liam_1D By Imagine_liam_1D Completed

Note: names are the same as in my last fic but no similarities!
Sophie Sinclair and Annie Taylor are coming together as best friends to UC Berkeley. Here they meet Liam Payne and Harry Styles. Little did they know that each of them as an inner struggle that they don't want any of the others to know about. Their pasts are eating at them. Their constant struggles are viewed through a series of journals at the beginning of each chapter. The story is told through a series of viewpoints ranging from Sophie to Annie to Liam to Harry. It may be a fanfic but it is different from all others. They must find a way to solve their problems in the hectic environment of college. Trouble is brewing and love manifests itself. Their problems are immense and control their lives but it's time to move above and beyond that,right?

  • annie
  • direction
  • harry
  • horan
  • liam
  • louis
  • niall
  • payne
  • rone
  • sinclair
  • sophie
  • styles
  • taylo
  • tomlinson