Stand By You (RoadTripTV FANFIC)

Stand By You (RoadTripTV FANFIC)

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Hi Roadies! Stand by You is a fanfic which I've been working on for a while now, it's more than just you know falling in love with the boys. I mean we all love them, it's about life, the fact that families aren't perfect. People are flawed, relationships aren't always easy and love doesn't just happen instantly. 

Equally this book will deal with a variety themes at different times, whilst this is fanfiction I hope that it's both an escape for you and a way for you to realise you're not alone. I myself am a bookworm, Clo's personality is based off of mine. Her background not really. 

I hope you enjoy this story, if you do please comment, I do read all of them and try to reply them when I can. So thank you :)

*temporary cover...I'll find time eventually to make one*