The Beaten & Damned

The Beaten & Damned

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wayne By amygdala- Updated Sep 27

It is 2124, and for the citizens of the United States of America, the Supreme is synonymous with God.

No one dare question the authority of the Supreme or the Government. The people look down and keep their mouth shut. These are the rules to staying alive. Don't ask questions, don't draw attention to yourself.

The Government is experimenting with people--ranging from ordinary to the Gifted. The Gifted are humans who have been born or developed powers; powers that before then only existed in the imagination of people. 

Many of these Gifted are members of The Circle, a group determined to destroy the Government and restore the United States to its former glory. 

When the Supreme is killed, The Circle acts swiftly, hoping to use this chance to once and for all overthrow the Government. The balance of the country is delicate--and it rests in the hands of the beaten & damned.