poems from a post it

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books1 By books1 Updated 4 years ago
i wrote these poems on a green post it pad while i was out and bored....i will add them as i can and they will all be pretty much the same length cause well, i am bored and try to do it on one post it page thing. enjoy.
I loved the mysterious ease of this and the seductive allure this was just a visual brilliance! 
Not bad at all, must have took front and back of the post it note, eh?  Poems or our muse do haunt us, following us around.  Olan.
You might have just given me a poem idea,(: if I end up finishing it, I'll dedicate it to you.(: I've always liked the "fight against society" poems.(: good job.(:
Aha that was epic(: same here, I can definitely not just say "I'm goingto write a poem" and write one. I have to wait until I get the inspiration. This is usually preceded by several days of random poetry snippets popping into my head.(; awesome poem.(: