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He Was My Gardener (Larry boyxboy mpreg)

He Was My Gardener (Larry boyxboy mpreg)

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SmileBeautiful123 By SmileBeautiful123 Completed

Harry was the son of a very rich and well known family.  He's now eighteen, just graduated from high school and his parents bought him his own house as a gift.  His house was massive. He had the job to keep the house obviously. His parents can't pay for it forever.  He always got what he wanted. He would not hesitate to do something dangerous or life threatening to protect or get something he loves.  But he's so blind.   He hasn't really thought of getting into a relationship. Finding love. Anything like that really.  But he believed that love is love. It's equal and that people shouldn't care about people loving the same gender.  But what he doesn't realize is that the love of his life, spends almost all day at his house during the day, making sure the outside of his house looks perfect.

Don't worry it'll belong to u in the upcoming chapter I hope !!
colleenchar colleenchar Aug 13, 2016
surgeons  never shake hands.   a surgeon told me that.  because people shaking there hands can crush them.
I'm only six .... well I've wasted 10 Years so I don't count and be a problematic child for my parents and teacher !!
dockgirl123 dockgirl123 Apr 13, 2015
why couldn't Harry be the gardener he looks like the gardener type
LoveWill4everBeLove LoveWill4everBeLove Jan 17, 2015
WOW! If this story will be as good as this description, then she will be perfect!
trevourstorys trevourstorys Dec 23, 2014
I'm going to tell u the truth. 
                              This looks,