The inside of her (part 1)

The inside of her (part 1)

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clanceybomb101 By clanceybomb101 Updated Apr 06, 2014

How could i not be jealous. Perfect face, cute brown hair, beautiful lips, she was a living barbie doll. 

Especially with her pink head phones, and red lipstick perfectly placed.

I, on the other hand, was a living trash can. 

My messy brown hair, acne, kinda chubby, and weird lips. It was like yin and yang between me and my younger sister. 

Thats right, younger sister. As in two years of age difference. How did she do it! She was even more fluent in math then me.

Becca. Becca was here name. Her name was even cooler then mine. Mine is Fin. And I'm a girl. 

"Fin! Get up! Don't forget to bring your project too!" My dad yells.

Figures he mentions the project he is a teacher. 

Oh shoot. The project. 

I totally forgot to finish it! I needed to make a solar system for my science project. Seemed easy enough, but i had to write a paragraph about it too.

I jump out of bed, hearing my dad wake up Becca "wake up Becca!" 

Thats all he says. Just "wake up" not "get up and bring your proje...