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Breaking Finn (18+, ManXBoy)

Breaking Finn (18+, ManXBoy)

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PaisleyViking By PaisleyViking Completed

We were watching a movie together and he was laying on his side with his head in my lap while I ran my fingers through is wavy blond locks.  When the movie ended I turned off the TV with the remote.  Finn sat up and turned to look at me with those intoxicating baby blues of his.  I watched as his mouth opened slightly and his tongue slid out to lick his lips.  Such a simple action, but it felt like it sent a fireball down to my groin.  Time to start on my baby's training.


Is helping someone who is in distress, but for your own gain really helping them?  What happens to a person when you take away their choice?  Can the one who controls you, who hurts you, love you too? 

How far can someone be pushed before they break and how does that change the the person who broke them?  Is there any possibility of a happy ending?

Finn is a 16 year old boy who has no one and nothing.  Nicolas is a 28 year old man who has everything.  Everything except that special someone, until he meets Finn.  But Nicolas has an unorthodox lifestyle.  Is this relationship doomed?  The age difference, Nicolas' need to dominate, can they both be happy together, or is the price of happiness too much.

This story has light bdsm and bdsm situations.  If you don't like this, please don't read instead of reading and complaining about it later.  BDSM literature is not for everyone, so I don't mind if you pass this story by.  Also, if you don't like gay stories, take a pass.  I'm letting you know now, so you don't continue and then get all upset later.  Some readers haven't read the tags I guess and complain when they find out it's either a gay story or has bdsm.  That's what the tags are for, to make sure this is a book you should be reading or not.

Jake the dog and Finn the human... OMG 😲 I love that name.
Im dog years. Anyway, im here to enjoy, so..
                              (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
PandaZzBae PandaZzBae Feb 02
I sing I'll make a man out of you all the time, which proves I am a man who can make differences in others lives, so... I'm old enough!
                              *Sips tea*
Lol I`m 20 and omg the summary was so good! I was going to work on story but I would much rather read this! :)
MomokaStar15 MomokaStar15 Nov 22, 2016
Hah, bruh please what do you think I am here for? (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
xWiltingRose xWiltingRose Oct 12, 2016
Glad I don't have to worry about stuff like this. I'm 20. 😛
                              There are lots of kids on Wattpad, though. It makes me feel old. And I often wonder “Are they reading mature books, or am I reading immature books?" because the kids are EVERYWHERE. 
                              Anyway, I hope to enjoy the story.