Lillian Cart Ci and the War of Elevens

Lillian Cart Ci and the War of Elevens

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a storm touched down
 against a lily flower
 and the world blew apart
 THERE IS a world of magical people who cast elements from their hands. In this world, there is a race of warriors with acid for blood. There are psychics, too. And opera-singing walls, giant glowing mushrooms, and lullaby-singing trees only deaf children can hear. It's been named the Shifter World. 

 LILLIAN CART CI is drawn away from her small Maine town, yanked into this world of bizarre things to train for a war she's only just learned about. Butterfly-obsessed and witty, she learns there's more to her missing parents and strange older cousin than meets the eye. The psychics call her space-thief, and the stars laugh at her -- until she steals from them. 

 ELEVEN BEASTS explode to life in this world. They fall from the sky, rise from terra and conquer oceans, created by the hands of a vengeful man. Terror rips through the war-torn Shifter World, and the beasts destroy everything in their path. The beasts are after something. It's the beginning of a new war, magical and deadly and eccentric. 

 THIS is the start of a story about a space thief and a storm-creator and a world of magical whimsy, and how they started an apocalypse.

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