How I Got Kidnapped By 1D (A Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction)

How I Got Kidnapped By 1D (A Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction)

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someblondesaresmart By someblondesaresmart Completed

Ok. I'm just an ordinary girl right? Yeah, that's what I thought too.

I'm 5'7" with long, straight, dark chocolate brown hair that lays nicely on my chest. I have greenish-hazel eyes and outgoing. Some people say I look like Sarah Hyland. But, I'm not up to date on electronics. Which means I have no clue who she even is. My phone is the only excuse. I have an iphone 4S and I listen to music from my car radio. The only cool thing that's somewhat related to me is that my best friend, Lexi, is a famous british-irish boy band's stylist. I don't know who. I think she told me once and I forgot. Plus, she's never shown me a picture or told me anything about them or their names or anything. I find that rude.

Oh. And my name's Danielle. 

See? I'm just an ordinary girl with my 19th birthday coming up......

Until I'm kidnapped by 5 strangers that just happen to be celebrities.

Infinite-Harry Infinite-Harry Mar 15, 2016
I met my best friend in 4th grade ,her name is daniela ,and I'm she left me (I'm in highschool now btw) to go to the "popular crowd" . I know this sounds like kme of those cliché movies and stuff but ...its tru
-jimmynovak -jimmynovak Mar 20, 2016
Omg this was the first fanfic i ever read. From here it went downhill 😂😂
CupcakeGirl010 CupcakeGirl010 Jul 13, 2016
I met my best friend in second grade but we weren't BFFs then, we became best friends last year. I met my other BFF in second grade and she's still chooses to be seen in public with me. I met my other BFF in 4th grade and we bonded over our sass and sarcasm.
CarolineCole214 CarolineCole214 Apr 25, 2016
I met my best friend at a party when we were 4, then we got re-United 7 years later; after the party and we have been best friends since
shannon_darcy shannon_darcy May 07, 2016
I e got a best friend that's basically my twin sister and we are always together. The teachers at school always get us mixed up
SlytherinBibliophile SlytherinBibliophile Apr 16, 2016
Ooooohkay..... Even I know about 1D (well duh) and I don't have social media