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weescottgal By weescottgal Updated Apr 10, 2017

Leaning forward over the sidewalk, my nails clawing at the rotted underside of the bench, I aimlessly watched the mass of yellow cabs and black suits rush past me. The man beside me rustled his newspaper and I broke out of my trance. My gaze lingered over the front cover: JOKER AT LARGE.

A simple picture of the man in the purple coat and green vest grinned back at me with scars wide. The clown of terror, a psychotic serial killer, now on the loose in Gotham. Something was running through my veins. It felt much like fear...but more. Adrenaline. Pulsing through me, willing me to get up and run.

So I did.

I pushed myself off the bench and sprinted away, fast. Direction became lost to me, I was just running. My heart drummed an irregular beat in my chest. There was no pain, just a sense of freedom. People tutted and sighed at me as I whizzed passed, but I felt no need to apologise. In a city of millions, a flash of brown hair means nothing to anyone, not really.

When I finally stopped,...

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violetvoices violetvoices Mar 19, 2017
I can hear Mark's joker. This is so amazing. Your writing is perfection!
cassiemae19 cassiemae19 Oct 27, 2016
Omg I'm so reading this it's so good already. You get it girl (or boy sorry lol)
mmorgan_1322 mmorgan_1322 Aug 14, 2016
Okay actually in love I'm kinda basing this off of the joker from suicide squad because let's be honest he was hot