William Revenous

William Revenous

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Intweener By Intweener Updated Nov 08, 2017

This story is about William Revenous with his best friend Cedric Diggory who are starting their fifth school year about the time Harry Potter enters his third.  
Even though William is, like Harry Potter, also a student on this school, they barely have anything to do with each other. 

I'm translating this story from Dutch and it is already finished (about 200 pages). I will add these 15+ chapters over time for your reading's pleasure :)
This book honors the rules and writings of J.K Rowling as much as possible. Although some things that happen in her books are sometimes explained in a different way, I made it so that this story could've happened quite well along Harry Potter's story. 

I hope you enjoy reading this and I'd love to hear what you think of this. 
(Extra Extra info: I started writing this 12 years ago (2005). A friend of mine showed me a website with fanfictions about Harry Potter, and it bugged me that there were a LOT just about Draco Malfoy ruining Harry's life and kissing Hermione. In protest of that I wrote this book to offer something different ;). )

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ShurikenPheonix ShurikenPheonix Jan 29, 2013
I really like this so far, and how he has to get to Hogwarts from Holland. William seems pretty likeable so far and your writing is great allowing for a few odd tenses but seeing as you translated it its awesome. I'll keep reading :)
Intweener Intweener Jun 04, 2012
Even though there are a few hints in the story that tells you @ACEofCLUBS , this story is starting in part 3 of the harry potter books. 
                              William and Cedric are starting their fifth year. As well as Montague.