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[18+] What happens when you fall in love with the one person you're not supposed to?

❝You and me, and never us; a complicated series of almost-interactions❞


It was the summer before college, and Kara was forced to spend the holidays with her new family. Little did she know, a lot could happen in one hot summer.


The moment Kara laid her eyes on Ryder, she knew she was a goner. She had never met anyone as sexy, fun, and liberating. But she'd made a promise that she won't give herself away before marriage.

The moment Ryder laid his eyes on Kara, he knew his life wouldn't be the same again. He had never met a girl so pure and genuine. He made it his life mission to be with her, for better or for worse.

Except, they could never be together; the universe had played a cruel joke on them. Their love for one another was the kind of love that only comes once in a blue moon, yet they could never be anything more than a brother and sister. 

All that love, yet it was barely anything at all.

*Warning: This story contains mature content. Enter at your own risk. (insert wink)*

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lostexposures lostexposures 6 days ago
did y'all not read the description? it's about her step brother lol. I'm in this same situation myself and I'm getting hella insecure but who cares right
_Molly0302_ _Molly0302_ 4 days ago
Why in the flipping heck (sorry to be a toddler, Wattpad would have scolded me) am I always the wh0re? My name! Me! Always my name. I’m guessing in the future I’ll be destroying my daughter’s love life based on the description of this book..
beatrcpdw beatrcpdw 2 days ago
Well, anna decided to marry someone she just met for idk 3-5 minutes?
-WinterNights- -WinterNights- 4 days ago
The things I do for love and she will be banging her step brother 😏
laylah81 laylah81 a day ago
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its_Ninna its_Ninna 6 days ago
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