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Time Travelling To You (an Andy Biersack fanfiction)

Time Travelling To You (an Andy Biersack fanfiction)

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punk af (not) By nessajlarsen Completed

Fifteen year old Riot, like all fans, has a thing for her favourite band member, and wishes she could meet him. 

Like few fans, she does meet him. 

But like no other fan EVER, she goes back in time and meets Andy Biersack. 

Before the money and fame, Andy like all of us, was once a regular teenager... Riot wants to meet him like that. 

So when her dad discovers the secret of time travel - she jumps at the idea, getting thrown back in time and meeting Andy when he was also fifteen. 

But all stories have to have a twist, you'll just have to read on to find out what twists I throw this poor girl on ;)

JessiDH JessiDH Mar 27
I've read the whole thing and not only is it really good but it stands out from other fan-fictions AND I LOVED IT
_Mythical_Sam_ _Mythical_Sam_ Sep 11, 2016
*gasps in shock and whispers* a girl in an Andy fanfic that doesn't have green eyes
jxliesykez jxliesykez Jul 29, 2016
i never would of thought of making a fanfiction like this . this is good so far (:
_Mythical_Sam_ _Mythical_Sam_ Sep 11, 2016
I went to go watch like one chance and Andy video and I left for 8 hours on youtube..... it's 5am
_Mythical_Sam_ _Mythical_Sam_ Sep 11, 2016
Me but I'm Sam, 12,  purple hair, green eyed, curly hair, I'm more on the tall side, and I'm thinking about asking my mom to get my nosed pierced and have it as a ring instead of a stud, also my cat died last year...
_Mythical_Sam_ _Mythical_Sam_ Sep 11, 2016
SCPA my friend went there she said she hates it because they had terrible academics when she went. I'm sorry I probably seem obsessed, I live in Cincinnati sooo I kinda know these things, hell I know what street they filmed Captain Cold #2 on it connects to mine...