Boyfriend - Justin Bieber Story *Discontinued :(*

Boyfriend - Justin Bieber Story *Discontinued :(*

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Me By Dimples_For_Life Updated Nov 27, 2013

Justin wrapped his warm hands around my waist. "I could be your boyfriend.", he said, his breath touching my neck. Which sent chills down my back. I immediately removed his hands off my waist and turned around to face him. "But you're not. So, don't push your luck, Bieber." He chuckled, "Oh, is that a challenge, Ms. Ariana Elizabeth White?" 

    "Think of it as whatever you want." I replied, too quickly. "Okay then.", he smiled, "If I get you to become my girlfriend within the next 3 months, then we're gonna go out to public. You'll have to date me for as long as I want. And, to make it official...." he then smirked. "...I'll seal it with a kiss." 

    I rolled my eyes and walked off. He just uses every girl like a play toy. He'll just do the same to me ...right? 


They go on one of the wildest journeys of their lives. Will their bet remain a bet, or will it change into love? Hatred? Or will they both lose their only chance to become one?

Fallingxharry Fallingxharry Sep 05, 2013
Seriously -_- as much I I love Nikki Minaj? It's Nicki. Smh cf
xxKarmaStylesxx xxKarmaStylesxx Nov 14, 2012
Ooh...i like how u started off. I think the dialogue is great and I can imagine justin saying that. :)