The Summer That Changed Everything.

The Summer That Changed Everything.

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Destiny Hall By irandomz42 Updated Jun 07, 2012

Lena Andrews was a very popular girl. She lived most of her life in luxury and almost-fame. That fame and adoration came from her peers, who thought nothing more of her than a pretty, and kind girl. She was even nice with people that she didn't like. Although if she didn't like you, she would have this kind of edge to her voice which didn't go with the nice words that she saying. That was when you knew that you shouldn't speak to her again. She was one of those people that knew what to say and the right moment to say it. She had the boys charmed by her personality. Everything in Lena's life seemed great. That was until the Summer of 2011. Her friend died, rumors started, and her little 'good girl' image was tarnished like one of your mother's pots.


She's got a secret weapon. Lena's told so many white lies that you'd believe her even if you were suspicious of her motive. She's been getting away with things since she was five years old but will she be able to make it out of this Summer nightmare alive?

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