Poems and Short Stories

Poems and Short Stories

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Snowy By SnowRose Updated Nov 26, 2012

This is just a book of random stories and poems I decided to write while I was bored or for some school project or something.

PS: From Goodbye mother forward I think are the best since they are more recent and the ones before that were literally from when I was in the sixth grade and didn't know how to write very well. Goodbye mother and the ones after that are from this year so they're better. I don't care if you read the ones before them but I will warn you now they suck and I wish I could burn them into oblivion. As of right now it is 9/11/12 (yeah I know suckish day for America) so I am in the 10th grade which means 5 years have past between whatever story and my more recent ones. Tell me if I improved any. Or don't, I don't care. Just don't say rude things like 'this sucks!' or 'this is shit!' because trust me I know that some of it sucks. I know bro, I know....

Anywho, that was the longest PS note I've ever written and I was pretty much rambling but anyway if you were awesome enough to read my warnings all the way through then you just got a gold star from me :) now you may enjoy/hate my awesome/stupid stories!!!!


SnowRose SnowRose Sep 21, 2012
@Hyakuyan lol this is basically a very short summary of a story I was going to post on here but decided against. xD actually now I kinda wish I could post it. Oh well maybe some other time maybe.
SnowRose SnowRose Aug 02, 2012
@vouvezsoir How did I not know that? lol >.< I'm oblivious to the obvious.
vouvezsoir vouvezsoir Aug 02, 2012
@SnowRose Yeah, on your profile. I think by now there are more, though...
vouvezsoir vouvezsoir Jun 18, 2012
@SnowRose I love living here because while it's hot in the summer, the cold winters balance it out. But I'd also love to live somewhere tropic so I could grow a mango tree and eat them all day :) And lol, snow cone ice looks sorta like snow, in a way. Sort of.
SnowRose SnowRose Jun 18, 2012
@vouvezsoir oh that's completely normal seeing palm trees. The closest I've come to real snow is a snow-cone. And I don't get those very often either. Strange considering I live in the hottest state ever. I tell you, it's WAY too hot here. I usually just have ice-cream.
vouvezsoir vouvezsoir Jun 18, 2012
@SnowRose omg you haven't? I'm in Chicago and I can't imagine not having seen snow. I guess a lot of people think things are normal that others think are crazy... Like, I thought it was crazy that there were palm trees in Florida when I went :) It was like paradise. And welcome!