Love isn't a Myth

Love isn't a Myth

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Holly Foster By InfinateBlueRose Updated Aug 11, 2013

This is a love story of a girl called Ella Martian and a boy called Jacob Black. A love story of what happens to them and what kind of things they get up to.
When they are put through decisions, hard times and loads of fun, how does their relationship stay togther? What do they do to cope?

I have loads of ideas for this story so please keep reading, I hope you like it. Fans/votes/comments are always apreciated very much and I will try my best to answer any comments that you have. Thank you for reading :)
Though the boy is called Jacob Black he is not from the twilight saga and is not a werewolf. He just looks like him but is not him. 

I hope you like it and please comment. I would love to hear them :) xx

InfinateBlueRose InfinateBlueRose Jun 30, 2014
@gymnast17 thank you  I know that there are errors in places as I haven't edited it yet. But thanks. I'm glad you like it  xoxo
gymnast17 gymnast17 Jun 30, 2014
This is cute:) Your descriptions are really good! But one thing, you said Billy was walking but shouldn't he be in a wheelchair? Just putting that out there haha and the Sam that you mentioned, is that Sam Uley?
gymnast17 gymnast17 Jun 30, 2014
I think your writing is great! The very beginning of the chapter was very enticing to read the rest of it, good job!!