The Alpha mate

The Alpha mate

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Sally By xxsallywattsxx Updated Feb 19

I grab my books for class, French and art. Then I close my locker, lock the lock and stand up. As I'm turning to make my way to French a force hits me hard into the lockers, but it didn't hurt. 
"You have no idea how good you smell, I have waited so long for this. Mine" 
I shiver at the huskiness of his voice, thinking of where I have heard it before. I inhale his scent, Forest and Vanilla, how very- wait Forest and vanilla? I've smelt that scent before. My eyes shot open and look up at my mate. I look into his dark brown eyes, my mouth opens slightly; HE is my mate that has never claimed me? HE is the one who the moon goddess Selena chose for me to be with? HIM?

I snap out of my thoughts and grab my books and push past him to try and get to class, I have never been so eager to get there. It kind of failed because he pulled me back and pushed me into the wall, threatening in my ear 
"You are MY mate, you will NOT run from me, I will protect what is MINE, you WILL submit" 
He then started placing kisses along my jawline. It was impossible to get away from him, when my wolf wanted him. I try to string a sentence, 
"Pl-uh-please-I-need-t-to-get-to-m-uh-my-class" I try so hard not to let my wolf take control, but that's not all I try not to do, even though I despise this person, I immediately get feelings for him.
"No you won't you will NEVER leave my side, Ivy. You are MINE." Damn wolves being protective of their mates, I could tell he was not in control of his wolf. I push him off me, using my alpha strength he probably wasn't expecting.
"No you will let me go to my fucking class whether you like it or not. You have treated me like shit for three years and I will not tolerate you now. Just leave me alone. I, Ivy Rivers, reject you Ashton Clark, as my mate."

2/19/18-Back to uploading after three years (sorry)

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berrymaddy5 berrymaddy5 Apr 27, 2015
Yeah I wish I was back in elementary school so I can start school at 9!!!
readingmylifeaway17 readingmylifeaway17 Dec 11, 2014
Bitch please i have to be at school by 6 meaning i wake up a 5
Giggles1031 Giggles1031 Nov 17, 2014
At least it's not at 7:17 and she doesn't have to wake up at 6