The Seductress

The Seductress

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maya By mayaa19 Updated Jan 14, 2014

She moved out of the water in all her naked glory. Drops of water sparkled like diamonds under the sun trailing along her curves and disappeared into her core. Every creature, big and small which were nearby gaped at her.Such beauty was rare to find.Her long straight black hair stuck to her breasts allowing a sneak at what lay under those strands of midnight black hair.A small smile formed on her red plump lips as she basked under the sun with her eyes closed, unaware of the creatures basking under her beauty or the man whose gaze never wavered from her face.

A blinding thirst formed in his throat.Fangs elongated when she tipped her head back giving him a nice view of her long slender neck as if she was begging him to bite her.He longed to see her eyes.What colour were they?Would they darken when she was filled with lust? Was her skin as smooth as it looked?Was her apple red plump lips as soft as they appeared?Could they move in an age old sensual dance with his lips when he kissed her?

And her smell...Oh God! he groaned inwardly.She smelt of rain and sex.
*********Continued in the prologue due to limited space in description*******
**********CAUTION:-CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT but not enough to be put in the restricted section.You have been warned.Read at your own risk.:-) R-RATED

  • beauty
  • betrayal
  • blood
  • dance
  • mask
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  • sensuality
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