Hidden (TicciMask)

Hidden (TicciMask)

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Jay By laeta039 Updated Jun 05, 2018

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Toby is always happy, at least on the outside. 

Masky always pushes everyone away, too scared to let anyone in.

Toby have never seen Maskys face  and know almost nothing about him, least of all why he hates him so much. After messing up on several missions and countless times being told how worthless he is, the happy facade starts to fade. 
What's the point of pretending to be happy when no one cares anyway? 

Will (at least it will when I've rewritten it) contain DETAILED descriptions of
Suicidal thoughts etc.
So trigger warning I guess?

•No insta-love (seriously, I'm gonna do whatever it takes to avoid that)
•Will be spoilers for Ticci Toby, MarbleHornets and like every other pasta I have in here
(I know that MarbleHornets isn't a creepypasta btw so you don't need to tell me that)
•I'll changes Toby and Maskys ages to 18 and 22
•It's a Ticcimask story so it'll be boyxboy
•I'll pretend that Hoodie never died
•No cheesecake, some waffles tho just cus I wanna cx
•Might be some other ship in the background 
If you don't like it, then don't read it, it's simple.
(Omg, you have no idea how many times I accidentally pressed cmd and Q instead of alt Q when I wrote the • and every time it closed down Chrome and I had to re-write this xD)

Hope you enjoy! =D

*It's still unfinished and unedited, I read through every part a couple of times before I post but might miss something, please tell me if you see anything incorrect*