Reincarnated Into my Girlfriends Otome Game!

Reincarnated Into my Girlfriends Otome Game!

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Diamond Skeleton By DiamondSkeleton Updated May 19

I was happily enjoy my date with Rose as she enthusicly explained every detail of the latest Otome game she playing. 

"You'll never guess what happened next Mason!"

I listened to her talk absorbing every detail she said so I could answer any questions she asked me later in one of her quizzes. 

To everyone else she's the crazy gamer girl everyone ignores, but to me she's my whole world. 

That is... until that day. The day that changed everything.

Someone came up behind me and struck me with a knife. Square in the neck instant kill. The worst of it wasn't that I had died, the worst part was that Rose saw everything. Before I died I saw a glimpse of her face. Absolute Terror! I didn't want to leave her I couldn't leave her. I was all she had, and I was lost in an instant.

There was no coming back from death, but I was over come with grief and regret once the knife had touched my skin. Silent tears could be shed if I was still alive. 

A flash. A simple white light and then another light shone. A blue one, than a red one. I was confused. I knew what white ment It ment moving on but I wasn't ready.

             [WHAT DO YOU CHOOSE?]

[DEATH(HEAVEN)]            [DEATH(HELL)]


I made my assumption that heaven wasn't what everyone thought it was cracked up to be, and WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD CHOOSE HELL! I chose the third option obviously as it ment getting over my obscenely death earlier.

[ Reincarnation was chosen. Continue to the blue light. Your new name will be...] 

I moved passed over through the blue light and braced myself for what was to come.

(A/N: Hey guys it's me. I'm just going to say that this was the prologue and I did this because it was the only way I knew how to capture your attention.)