A Forced Smile (Jeff the Killer romance)

A Forced Smile (Jeff the Killer romance)

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Scarlet is a sixteen year old girl with a normal life. She lives with her mom because her dad left her, she goes to high school and gets picked on, and slowly falls in love with a psychopathic murderer.  Pretty basic life, right?

Will Scarlet open up to anyone, or stay alert and anxious?

Just remember that "love kills."

CloudAP CloudAP Oct 24
I don't have friends because people think I'm weird... Well then, deal with it! Jeez.
Katy5704 Katy5704 Nov 18
I'm 5'1 and I've come to realize I'm never growing again.
                              Deal with your 5'4 height, sweetheart.
Her momma gonna die today 
                              Jeff the killer probs went to slendos bigass mansion and told em and kawaii slendos was like ' IMPOSSIBRU!" And Jefferson probs was like ' das wat  I thought 2!" 
                              Why the hell did I write that?
smileingXD smileingXD Feb 14
Omg tell him that he will be on u soooo fast like a dog in heat lol
My last name is jones and it fits my description now it's getting freaky
My cousins, aunts and uncles live in Belgium and England and I live in the north of the Netherlands so it is really hard for us to visit eachother. I haven't seen my cousin on my mum's side for 8 years.