Flying Freed

Flying Freed

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spaghetti000cheese By spaghetti000cheese Updated Oct 12, 2018

A love like no other: Spin off

Death loves life.
Life loves Death.

A beautiful love story that came true.

But no one ever cared about third person who loved Life. No, he was just a cast off... Destined to burn in pits of hell  because his love destroyed him.

No one ever cares about the third guy in a love triangle. 

His heart is dead. 

But the muscles of dead also whisper a tale only few can hear to tell. 

He is Azazel.

Once God's most trusted archangel.
Now a fallen angel turned demon.

Once filled with joy.
Now filled with misery and lies.

He is the villan of this story...
But he forgot that villains keep the maidens in cage and throw away the key.

But he set her free.

She is Aurora.

Once a beautiful girl.
Now a beautiful mess.

Once full of love.
Now an empty vessel of hurt.

Once filled with life.
Now Ghosts shine brighter than her eyes.

His soul was of night sky,
The darkest ebony.... 
With the specs of light. 

She was the proof that you can walk through hellfire and still be an angel of kind. 

Destiny crossed and their paths met. But can they survive their past's tales? 

Oh! This is a journey of love but will their story last till end? 

After all... 

Azazel himself declared to heavens that he'll not fall in love again and Aphrodite herself took it as a challenge. 

This is a FICTIONAL story. Please don't take any offense if there are changes in Azazel because I've changed his history from that of bible. Please don't report it if you find it offensive. It's just a story. 

This is a spin off but it wiuld be more prudent if you read running scared first for better understanding.