In the Obsidian (boyxboy)

In the Obsidian (boyxboy)

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Mady By Littlebird15 Updated Apr 06, 2014


    "You hit like a girl!" Beau snarled in his face, his breath fanning Beau's cheeks as he stared at him, every bit of hostility rolling like waves within the bright smoldering blue of his eyes glowing obsidian. 

    Every bit of Beau's body was quaking with rage, absolutely stricken with venomous hatred. So much so that he spat in his face, the man stepped down, the spit laying delicately sprawled across his reddening face. 

    The camera stood only a good thirty three feet away, watching the scenario unravel at the seams. Suddenly he was sneering in Beau's face, canines extended and forced out, snarling so harshly that foam quaked at his mouth and his eyes glowed a bright gold. 

     "Don't test me pet! I won't hesitate to chop off that twisted tongue of yours" he growled threateningly. Beau grit his teeth and glared at his face, as soon as he got out of this place he'd slaughter him. 

    Impatiently, he drew his knife and pressed the sharpened point to the sweet und...

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